2017 Annie's Angels

2018 Annie's Angels ~ Adopt A Family


4th Annual "Annie's Angels - Adopt a Family" is in full effect!!! 

Looking for anyone that would like to sponsor a family in need this holiday season!!! 

Let's make a huge difference by helping provide a memorable and joyful holiday for these kids!!! 

  If you are interested, I will make this as easy for you as possible ~ I will email you the children's names/ages/wishlist (needs & wants).  There is no limit or requirement of how much to spend; whatever is in your heart to bless them with.  Please wrap and label the gifts and we make arrangements for getting the gifts turned in so they can be delivered no later that the end of the 3rd week of December.  A tax receipt is emailed upon request for write-off (we are registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization).  I always ask the families to send photos the morning of opening gifts so I can forward to their sponsors.  Nothing better than seeing the joy that your blessing has brought to a child!!!!!!!  Please help us make a difference this year!!!!      

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